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Inspirational women

Inspirational Women

From home to the world, an online fashion success

Marta Eleniak started OnceUponaBelt.com from home and now features in Vogue and sells across the world.


City Business Clubs - Bristol

Inspirational Women

The business club is a great place for networking and advice

Keep up to date: training, information, personal development and networking to help you grow your business


Freelance Mum

Inspirational Women

Freelance Mum goes out and about to talk to mumpreneurs.

Jane Duffus, recent winner of a Venus Award, talks about setting up What The Frock - no don't laugh!

Listen to the podcast


Inspirational Women

Marketing encompasses everything concerned with getting your product or service

If you came into business saying something along the lines of ‘I’m going to be the best life coach in Somerset’ or ‘People are going...


Money Matters

Inspirational Women

Money is the lifeblood of your business

If enough money is not flowing through it then you can be sure it is dying.

Keeping track of the money flow is a major part of any business. Fortunately...


Entrepreneur of the Month

Inspirational Women

Great start-ups by women

Elena Hensinger talks about her vision of empowering women through her business helping us feel at home with IT

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03 Mar 2014

She’s 55 years old, she’s had 150 jobs and today Barbie...

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